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Adoptions are a joyful experience for any set of parents and one of the happiest cases to be handled in the Family Court. However, the process itself can be daunting due to the amount of paper work and forms required to successfully carry out a case. The statutes must be followed with precision to protect you through this process. The attorneys at Andrews Mediation and Law Firm will help you see that the process is accurately followed so that you and your family can grow without the hassle of dealing with legal complexities. Click here to learn more about the adoption process and how we can help.

Juvenile Behavior Issues

Adolescents at odds with the law are not processed through the adult criminal system but rather through the Family Court. In such cases our attorneys are available to guide you through the process of resolving such particular issues as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. As a family court judge, Charlie Segars Andrews resided over the first juvenile drug court in South Carolina for 11 years, and countless juvenile hearings. Click here to learn more about the Juvenile Family Court process and how we can help.